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FATABYYANO مشروع فتبينوا لمكافحة الأخبارالكاذبة

About Solution

– Project brief : A Project to combat online myths and false rumors. Especially the ones with Arabic content. It also encourages the use of reason, intellectual skills , and the verification of news. – Fatabyyano Contain more than 52 members from 14 Countries (Giving equal chances for females and males) from all over the world. – I am the Producer and presenter of Fatabyyano Show which get more than 4,000,000 views till now, with 500,000 followers on Social Media. – Fatabayyno show translate into 6 languages . – Fatabyyano Also contain a new show called ( Fatabayyano TOON ) Cares about younger generation with more than 10 episodes . •We were invited to Boston by (HARVARD University) at HAW16 As one of the best projects for 2016 in the Arab world. •We were honored by Queen Rania Al Abdullah as one of the most creative youth projects for 2016 in Expo2017. •We were honored by Canal France International (CFI) as one of the top 3 Most Successful Youth Projects in Jordan.


The main goal of the project is to reach:

“Towards an Arabic content free from myth and rumors”


 Increasing the awareness about the concept of myth (its causes, effects,


 Encouraging searching before spreading information on social media

 Seeking to make partnerships with specialized agencies in this field of fighting


 Establishing the basics of scientific research and objective thinking in the uprising



Building a generation capable of dealing with any information reach them consciously

and objectively through adopting the principles of critical thinking which enable them to

search and ask the right questions to differentiate between truth and myth

Encourage searching, verifying as well as objective thinking through articles, studies,

sessions, research, daily posts and professional videos to establish the message of the

project which is building a young generation seek fighting myths and rumors and

establishing knowledge and science


How to make Fatabyyano website the first choice on Google?

Fatabyyano content is new we produce it without any phrases that

is copy and paste from other websites this make it a first choice to

Google algorithm

Fatabyyano have an SEO team

working on Fatabyyano whole

content professionally to increase

the presence of Fatabyyano In

the first page of Google

What we publish on Fatabyyano

website, we also publish on all

our social media pages which

increase the views of the website

by increasing the ways by which

internet users can reach our

website which put it on the first

page on Google

Fatabyyano website have

followers from all over the world

Goal: the website to be the first source to verify false news for the

Arabic internet users to use it to ensure from any information they

meet on internet

Fatabyyano projects

5- the movie:

A short narrative movie is being produced in the highest quality possible from

actors, work team and tools, aiming to deliver the goal and message of

Fatabyyano project.

We are going to use movie because of it huge influence on the viewer on the

long run, The main crew of the movie is fixed in its composition but the number

of workers, the extent of production depends on the budget

The movie includes:

 Director

 The executer

 Director assistants

Directory crew

Camera crew

 Dealing with all the community categories so we have to simplify the

information with the highest efficacy possible that requires more

effort and time. And also requires full integrating team with

specialists and editors

 There is no definitive time for the spread of false news. It spreads in

any moment mainly in conjunction with any event or international

trend or tragedy. Which requires a team working 24 hours every day

in the week

 Verifying our pages on social medias to conserve our intellectual

prosperity for everything we write and produce

 Financial constraint: which stops us from hiring people who are

capable of giving more effort for the project that includes editors,

translators, researchers, journalists and graphic designers.


1- The world is moving towards supporting the projects which

fight false news ( false news are the trends of 2019)

It is a must to have a prominent

Arabic project compete on

international level. When

Fatabyyano become

internationally prominent as the

first Arabic project to fight false

news. This is a chance to have

international investor to adopt the


2- Fatabyyano project has very high level of credibility

among the Arabic audience. For example: we made a

full open evaluation to our audience from 22 Arabic

countries. We get more than 1734 evaluation. on a

scale from 1 to 10 the result was 9.8

3- Fatabyyano project have 32 members from 14 different

Arabic nationality. Boys and girls with different

orientations and beliefs, they all are unified by one goal

which is filtering the Arabic content from false news,

myths, rumors and ignorance and are controlled by a

strict scientific method that all the team commit to it.

This is why Fatabyyano percentage of mistakes since its

launch 4 years ago is almost equal to zero. We didn’t

publish a single wrong article. Our achieve prove this.




Tel : 0201117984286 – 00962780817646

WhatsApp : 00962780817646

المصدر: making prosperity

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