:receiving team

We have a special team look constantly at the messages that reach us through our social media platforms mainly Facebook as well as the emails we receive through our website. The team also patrols the Arabic content and monitors the trends that emerges in the Arabic online content. Our aim is to find every possible rumor more specifically the most viral ones as soon as they emerge in order to protect the Arabic content from these myths. in order to achieve this, our receiving team is made of 3 persons who solely focus on this process, we also ask all of our members to patrol and report any rumors or myths they meet on their social media feed pages. we encourage our followers to message us and also send messages to our top followers and contributors to encourage their engagement with us through messages and comments on our posts


The receiving team members then send the messages, emails and also what they think need verification from their monitoring of the internet. Then the team leader classify the posts into one of our main categories: medical, social, scientific, religious then forward those posts that require verification to the next team. our aim from classification is to ease the process of verification and make it as fast as possible by giving every team what they can efficiently and rapidly check. most of our members are selected through quizzes we announce on our main page on Facebook to make sure that they are sufficient enough to deal with more than one category even before providing them with training on our general group


According to the previously mentioned classification, every post is sent to the specialized team who can verify it. if the leader of the receiving team can’t determine the category of the post, then the post is sent to the closest specialized teams. we also overcome this problem by making sure of posting every post on our general group and any help from other members is always welcomed. most of our members are selected through quizzes we make on our main page on  Facebook to make sure they are sufficient to check face rumors even before joining then we provide them with more training on our general group. we aim by training them to improve their skills in fact checking and to transfer the experience and knowledge our experts have to them. the process of fact checking is made on the general group to provide the new members with insights and make sure they witness how we fact check to improve their own methods. all of our members are qualified as fact checker


After verifying the post and deciding whether it is false or not, the specialized team responsible for the verification of this post write both short and long paragraphs describing what they found. Then our editing team recheck the accuracy of the paragraphs and propose changes on the paragraphs to make it more clear and easy to understand by our audience. we depend on many methods to determine whether the post is false or not

we use google search tools as our main tool for fact checking . we use google reverse image search to find the source of images mainly as well as videos we might encounter

we use google search to find sources related to the post we are investigating by trying different keywords that we think will lead us to more information about the post we investigate. we tend to use every possible clue in the post we investigate and use it in our search to make sure we reach to the sources that is related to the post. we also use what we find from our search to further improve the keywords when looking for more sources and information.

 if the post is attributed to a person or institute, we make sure to try and contact the person or the institute to fact check they say that or not and whether they have any comment about the post we investigate and make sure to publish what they say in our post and on our website article about the post

 in working on videos , we always make sure to find the original video from which the clip was taken, we also check if the original video convey the same message of the clip or not. we try also to contact the person on the clip if possible to get their comment about the clip under investigation

we make sure to consult an expert in the topics we face especially the posts that falls under scientific and religious  category those categories are very sensitive and to make sure that our response is accurate and deliver the right message to public

 we try to  always to depend on the primary sources and official data for any post we fact check, we also don’t hesitate to speak with authority and ask for verification if that is what is required to fact check the post

we build our response upon multiple sources to ensure the credibility and the accuracy of our respone and we rarely response to a post with only one source

:Mistakes hunters

All our team members take part in this process as all the posts we are working on is displayed on our main group on Facebook. All the members are welcomed to mention any mistake or flaw they find on any post. All of the concerns are considered as we don’t post anything before making sure there is no flaw and our fact-checking process is valid and supported by enough sources. We take our mission seriously

further more we consult experts on the topics for further verification especially in sensitive categories like religious and scientific posts to assure the credibility of the content of our page and website


.We have a specialized members that focus mainly on proofreading every final draft we make before publishing it

this step is very important as the Arabic language is very delicate so we need to make sure that our translation convey the right, accurate  information we found in the sources. we make sure in this process that the final draft is well structured and doesn’t convey a . wrong or misleading message. the final draft must be further examined by our team leaders and is made public to all of our members to point out to any problem. we might consult an expert to make sure our drafting of the information is accurate and welcome any comment from the expert and make sure the comment is taken into consideration and used in modifying the final draft

the proofreading process doesn’t stop after publishing as we monitor our posts and answer any inquiry we get from our followers. and  make sure our followers getting the right message by asking them questions in the comments to reveal what they get from the post. we update our website posts and make sure it transmit the right information and doesn’t cause any misleading. we also make sure it goes with the current evidence especially for the scientific category as the research doesn’t stop so further evidence appear with time which might contradict or strengthen our previous sources. we make sure this is well presented on our website and republish the post if there were any modification that requires informing our followers.

:Graphic designers

After fulfilling the previous steps, the final draft, screenshots reflecting the spread of the myth and showing its content and a picture represent the truth usually taken from our sources all are handed to one of our graphic designers. We design all of our posts in a specific template showing the logo of our team as you can see on all of our posts on our page at Facebook


We publish our findings on all of our social media pages as well as our website. We started with a Facebook page and then spread to other social media platforms like twitter, Instagram, telegram. Our aim is to reach all the Arabic internet users

we do our best to ensure we are using a clear and reliable methodology, this is why we started recently linking the sources of doubtful content into the myth section of our posts on the websites

 you can  explore our website

our Facebook page

and our other pages on Twitter, telegram and instagram

:Interaction with our audience

We follow posts and interact with our audience through the comments, we also receive complains and other inquiries through our messages of our pages and our website


this is an info-graph summarizing our methodology