Fatabyyano is an independent and registered institute. Fatabyyano’s revenue comes from online advertising on Website and Social Media Accounts
Fatabyyano uses the following Criteria to accept or reject any funds, partnerships and/or sponsorships
firstly, the sponsor, partner, funder can be national or international institution, organization, Private or public  Company , NGO , NPO or and individual
Secondly, the sponsor, partner, funder doesn’t have any religious or political affiliation
Thirdly, the sponsor, partner, funder doesn’t have any restrictions or conditions on the content Development
   Fourthly, the sponsor, partner, funder doesn’t have the intention to buy the content exclusively and all the content must be posted from Fatabyyano platform and has fatabyyano logo
In 2018, Fatabyyano Funded by Zedni Education Network  in return for putting their name and their logo on our Website, and all Articles,Pictures and Videos we published on our facebook page.
Zedni Education Network, ID Number 200146650 paid us $24,000 for a one-year of advertising on our website and facebook page and other Social Media Accounts
Zedni Education Network
Attached the original copy of the agreement with our funder ( ZEDNI ) for the last year, you can download the Original PDF file from here;  ZEDNI-FATABYYANO,

Also we share it here

It’s Important to notice that Fatabyyano team believes that soon if we continue to work in this way we will attract investors and advertisers. So we will be able to pay better salaries to them. The team and the founders don’t hesitate to support the Platform by giving the project their time and effort in the hope that Fatabyyano Platform will be able to generate better income in the near future.

:The project costs mainly cover as follows
Staff ( writers and Editors ) : 49%
Video Production :33%
graphic designers :6%
Technical support & Web developing : 10%
Others : 2%
here that Excel Sheet file