Fatabyyano uses the following Criteria to accept or reject any funds, partnerships and/or sponsorships

firstly, the sponsor, partner, funder can be national or international institution, organization, Private or public  Company, NGO, NPO, or and individual.

Secondly, the sponsor, partner, funder doesn’t have any religious or political affiliation.

Thirdly, the sponsor, partner, funder doesn’t have any restrictions or conditions on the content Development or edition, and the content editing and Fact-checking should be completely independent by Fatabyyano.

Fourthly, the sponsor, partner, funder doesn’t have the intention to buy the content exclusively and all the content must be posted from Fatabyyano platform and has fatabyyano logo

In 2018/2019, Fatabyyano Funded by Zedni Education Network  in return for putting their name and their logo on our Website, and all Articles,Pictures and Videos we published on our facebook page.

Zedni Education Network, ID Number 200146650 paid us $24,000 for a one-year of advertising on our website and facebook page and other Social Media Accounts
Zedni Education Network

Attached the original copy of the agreement with our funder ( ZEDNI ) for the last year, you can download the Original PDF file from here;  ZEDNI-FATABYYANO,

:The project costs mainly cover as follows

Staff ( writers and Editors ) : 49%
Video Production :33%
graphic designers :6%
Technical support & Web developing : 10%
Others : 2%

here that Excel Sheet file

In 2019/2020: From 1 March 2019 until 1 May 2020

  • – The period between 1 Mar 2019 and 1 Mar 2020, it was one of the Most Difficult Times for Fatabyyano Since it lanched. As we apply for a multiple of grants and investment opportunities either in Jordan or outside Jordan with No Luck!
  • – Fatabyyano was mainly funded by her Founder and CEO, Dr. Moath Nabeel Althaher, it’s in the same period when Dr.Althaher left practicing Medicine to keep Fatabyyano stand up.
  • – In addition to that, Fatabyyano receives funds via Peacegeeks under the Artist in Residence Program. which help Fatabyyano for 2 Months, June & July 2020.
  • Artist in Residence It is a program designed to empower artists and content creators to develop their ideas and concepts and turn them into actual artworks. The program supports participants to develop content about topics and concepts that focuses on the values of peace and understanding (useful dialogue) in the communities.
  • – In the Third Quarter of 2019, INJAZ support Fatabyyano under “My-Startup Project”; They Support Fatabyyano by offering us Free Co-Working Space Areas, Meeting Rooms, Legal Consultations as well as Logistics & Technical support. Which cover a lot of Expenses.
  • Location: Jordan-Amman-Mecca Street-Building 46 – INJAZ – 5th Floor
  • – on Feb 2020 Dr.Althaher Give Paid Training; 40+ hours Fact-checking training for journalists, bloggers and media specialists in Uzbekistan supported by the UNESCO project Enhancing the Capacity of Uzbek Media to Serve the Public Interest Project” 
  • – On 19 March 2020 Facebook Announced it’s Partnership with Fatabyyano as a third Party Fact-checker in the Middle East & North Africa. Fatabyyano since 19 March 2020 has checked articles, images and videos on Facebook as part of the social network’s third-party fact-checking initiative. This work is funded by Facebook.
  • – On 30 April 2020, The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) and Facebook Announced the Final batch of CoronaVirus Fact-checking Grants and Fatabyyano received Funding for their Project: F-19 Vs. COVID – 19.
    This project aims to fight misinformation in 19 Arab countries by delivering 19 packages composed of animated videos, fact-checked articles, and infographics. The team will use sign language in its visual production to reach a wider audience.

 In 2020/2021: From 1 May 2020 until 31 July 2021

– In 2020/2021, the main source of Funding for Fatabyyano was our Partnership with Facebook as a third Party Fact-checker in the Middle East & North Africa. Fatabyyano since 19 March 2020 has checked articles, images, and videos on Facebook as part of the social network’s third-party fact-checking initiative. This work is funded by Facebook Company.
For more information, Facebook’s Third-Party Fact-Checking Program. 
The list of Facebook independent fact-checking partners, by country

– In May 2020, Fatabyyano signed a contract with https://cfi.fr/fr. for the Production of infographics, videos, and a “fake-news tracker under the Name, Rumor is Virus, too!
and here you can check all the content that had been produced as well as the Fake News Tracker

– In Feb 2021, Fatabyyano signed an agreement with the International Fact-Checking Network at Poynter Institute for media studies, INC. for REMOTE TEACHING AND MENTORING PARTNERSHIP.  to work together to design and conduct trainings in Tunisia between 22nd of February and 30th June 2021.